Practica de inglés intermedio 1, unidad 5, "comparatives".

Practica de inglés intermedio 1, unidad 5, "comparatives".

Fill the lines with the comparative of the adjective that is given:
(fil de lains wid de comparativ ov di adyectiv dat is given)
(llena las lineas con el comparativo del adjetivo que es dado)

1)     Mary is _____________ than her sister, isn´t she?.   (young)
2) Is te United States ___________ than Mexico?.   (cold)
3) The first book is not ____________ than the second one.   (easy)
4) Does a cat run ____________ than a dog?.   (fast)
5) This exam is ___________ than the last one!.   (hard)
6) My car is ___________________________ than yours.   (expensive)
7) Soft drinks are good but strong drinks are _______________  (mejores).
8) You are my _________ friend.   (mejor)
9) I am good at karate but chuck norris is ____________.   (mejor)
10) You sing very badly buy i have a relative who is ______________.   (peor)
11) Does your sister have ___________ eyes than you have?.   (mas grandes)
12) They always arrive ___________ than you, don´t they?.   (early)
13) This course is ____________ difficult than the others.   (menos)
14) Women are ________ intelligent and nice than men think.   (mas)
15) Is your mother ___________ than your father?.   (old)



Para la interrogativa hay dos maneras:

1. Si lleva pronombre interrogativo se pone otra vez el pronombre interrogativa + sujeto + el verbo cambiado de tiempo

Ej: What is your name?

he asked what my name was.

2. Si no lleva pronombre interrogativo se pone if o whether + sujeto + el verbo cambiado.

Do you play football?

He asked me if I played football


Write the following sentences in indirect speech:
1 "I want you to take these books to the library tomorrow", she told her

2 "He didn´t arrive on time once last week", she said.

3 "I had my flu vaccination yesterday", the pupil said.

4"We are moving to our new house today," my neightbour said.

5 "Alice wasn´t playing the piano at yesterday´s concert," Peter said.